ESP8266 Witty Cloud Dev Board


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ESP8266 serial WIFI Witty cloud Development Board ESP-12F module MINI nodemcu

Description :
This cheap and small Wifi transciever is the perfect solution for home Automation and IoT applications. It can be the replacement for your NRF24L01, it can talk to your Wifi router directly through the UART MCU’s (Rx, Tx).
The ESP-12 module is one of the most complete of the ESP family as it allows you to use biggest amount of pins. You can program this module to work stand alone with the For Arduino IDE or with LUA as NodeMCU.
It has an LDR and a WS2812 LED already on board for your projects. The board comes with a CH40 micro USB module to program it.
The ESP8266 is a highly integrated chip, including antenna and power management converter. The system is equipped with ESP8266 and it’s features are: energy saving VoIP quickly switch between the sleep / wake patterns, with low-power operation adaptive radio bias, front-end signal processing functions.
This version, the ESP8266-03 is one of the smallest versions of this module. It includes a buil-in ceramic antenna.

LDR Lignt Sensor on board
WS2812 Led on board
3x tactile buttons (1x in the Witty board and 2x in theCH340 board)
Supports 3 modes: AP,STA,AP+STA
Dimensions: 24mm x 16mm
Micro USB connection for power and/or programming


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