Pure Sine Wave UPS Inverter 3000w


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3000W Pure sine wave UPS inverter BET3000S
Continuous power : 3000W
Surge power : 6000W
Input voltage : DC12V/24V(optional)
Output voltage : AC220
Output frequency : 50HZ±
NO-LOAD loss : ≤0.7A
Output waveform  : Pure sine wave
AC input frequency50Hz±2Hz
Work voltage : 170-250V
inverter change mains supply : ≤10ms
Mains supply change inverter : ≤10ms
Product size(mm) : 529*180*142
Product N.W. : 6.48
1.be made of imported components, has high UPS transform efficiency because of advanced circuit design, modern assembly production;
2.Completed specifications for this product, and be able to provide the corresponding standards for national and international;
3.Peak Power can reach to 6000W and provide overload protection;
4.FAN speed is control led intelligently, therefore can  reduce the running noise effectively;
5.Pulse-Width Modulation(PWM) control technology, pulse charging function, take three-phase charge modes( constant current charge, constant voltage charge, floating charge ), can reduce one-third charging time, and protect the battery life effectively;
6.Slow starting up function and provide automatic lock function, low voltage alarm protection, and high and low voltage turn-off;
7.Provide over voltage, over current, over temperature, short circuit, shockproof protection function;
8.Provide input/output voltage display function, and USB output;
9.Plug and Play(PnP)free maintenance design and ensure this product can run continuously for a long time;
10.This product with aluminum alloy shell, high pressure plasma surface of titanium coating process, high-hardness, chemical stability, oxidation resistance, nice appearance;
11.High output power and widely application, can apply to all kinds of electronic appliances, lighting, outdoor electricity.


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