Smart Home Kit


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Smart Home Kit 
1pcs uno r3
1pcs High Quality Retail Box
1pcs V5.0 Sensor Extension Plate
1pcs Bluebee Bluetooth Module
1pcs LCD1602 With IIC
1pcs 4 Channel Relay Module
1pcs Red Piranha LED Module+cable
1pcs Green Piranha LED Module+cable
1pcs Blue Piranha LED Module+cable
1pcs 3W LED Module
1pcs Active Buzzer Module+cable
1pcs Passive Buzzer Module
1pcs Photosensitive Resistance module+cable
1pcs Potentiometer Module+cable
1pcs Soil Humidity Sensor Module
1pcs Smoke Sensor Module+cable
2pcs SG90 Servo
1pcs Six 5th Battery Box
1pcs 40pin Dupont Line
1pcs USB Cable


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