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I. Main function of control panel
1.1 Main functions

Figure 1

The device is such an alarm system with GSM dialer that provides the following functions: 1. Touch keypad on alarm panel to enable arm/disarm/home mode. 2. Two-way communication. It can also be used as a mobile phone, just make a call out through the keyboard. 3. 24 wireless zones, 6 fire alarm zones, 20 remote controllers or panic buttons, and 2 wired zones. 4. 6 languages and voice notification (English, Russian, German, Spanish, French and Chinese). 5. 3 SMS alarm numbers and 3 alarm call numbers. 6. Delay alarm function can be set as 0-60 seconds for optional, and delay arming time can set as 0 – 99s. 7. Setup siren alert time (0-254 seconds for optional). 8. Control the host via SMS and phone keypad. 9. Enable to setup home arming mode. 10. Record voice for 10 seconds. 11. External power failure/recovery alarm function (optional on or off) 12. Siren makes sounds when arm/disarm by remote controller. 13. SMS notification when arm/disarm by remote controller. 14. The host low battery alert function.


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